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Welcome to my website. I hope you find stuff that has some interest value. One thing you will not find here is a CV which is just a list of things that have been done and produced. While I know what is on this list, there is no reason for you to have to wade through it. Besides, lists are boring. Instead, I have put some of the material into the obvious categories on the left. Just click on the label and you will be taken to the items that have been included. Only the more recent fragments are there.

In the books section, I have listed only four: Understanding Large Temporal Networks and Spatial Networks (Wiley, 2014),  Generalized Blockmodeling (University of Cambridge Press, 2005); Evolution of Social Networks (Gordon and Breach, 1997) and The Problem of Solidarity (Gordon and Breach, 1998). The editing section refers only to journal editing for Social Networks (current) and The Journal of Mathematical Sociology (previous). Some of the papers that I have published in refereed journals are tucked into the papers section, again with a bias in favor of recent pieces. Some chapters in edited books are in the chapters section. Honors have their own section. Working papers, as the name implies, are papers that are in process or have been submitted to journals. Current projects is the section containing some brief descriptions of current activities that have caught my interest and have my attention. They are projects for which I am doing some thinking, computing and scribbling. Some of these projects will yield publishable results while others might not. Which is which does not matter that much because the journey is the fun part and the destination comes second.

The section devoted to travel is a little different. It contains photographs taken as my wife (Esther) and I have been traveling. (We tried to keep track of who took which photograph but there are pictures where we each want to take credit and others for which we want to assign blame to the other!) Each photograph has a caption and some attempt at whimsy associated with it. I hope they offer some entertainment value and maybe some insights. Traveling is a privilege because it allows us to see different ways of organizing social life that work and to enjoy some of the glorious sights that the world has to offer. Our world is an endlessly fascinating place even as we, as a species, seem to be doing our best to ruin it. The 2010 episode with the BP rig in the Gulf of Mexico adds to that perception.